February 28, 2015


Thank you for your interest in Mobile Educators' Credit Union where you are an owner
as well as a member.

As a member, we offer you a full circle of financial services and make every effort to meet all your financial needs.

Mobile Educators' Credit Union was established in 1954 to provide financial services to faculty and staff of the Mobile County School System. Since 1954 we have grown to over 13,000 members and expanded our field of membership to include private and parochial schools as well as other employee groups.

Your credit union was established to encourage members to save, making member deposits available for low interest loans, Interest charged on member loans helps pay the operating costs of your credit union and provide other financial services. The remainder of the income is paid to members in the form of dividends on deposit accounts.

We extend an invitation to join the Mobile Educators Credit Union family and we look forward to serving you as we have
other members for 60 years.

Board of Directors

The Credit Union is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership. Currently, our Board consists of the
following people:

  G. Milton Williams Chairman
  Lois Watson Vice Chairman
  Carolyn Twilley Secretary
  Dr. Bob Clardy Treasurer
  Carlos Montgomery Director
  Ernest Scarbrough Director
  D. Lloyd Scott Director

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is elected by the membership. Currently the following people are serving on this committee:

  Sandra Martin Chairman
  Sue Smith Secretary
  Mildred Blass Committee Member


  President/CEO - Tina B. Williams E-Mail - tina.williams@yourmecu.com
  Sr Vice President - Operations & Compliance - Janet Jackson E-Mail - janet.jackson@yourmecu.com
  Vice President - Finance - E-Mail -
  Branch Operations Manager - Becky Webb E-Mail - becky.webb@yourmecu.com
  Member Services Manager - Steven Isbell E-Mail - steven.isbell@yourmecu.com

Main Branch

  Accounting Clerk - Jason Burnett E-Mail - jason.burnett@yourmecu.com
  Accounting Clerk - Erica Washam E-Mail - erica.washam@yourmecu.com
  Accounting Clerk - Kristen Brannan E-Mail - kristen.brannan@yourmecu.com
  Loan Manager - Lynn Wilson E-Mail - lynn.wilson@yourmecu.com
  Loan Officer - Carol Butler E-Mail - carol.butler@yourmecu.com
  Credit Card/IRA Clerk - Sandra Dyas E-Mail - sandra.dyas@yourmecu.com
  Collections Clerk - Chrissy Burns E-Mail - chrissy.burns@yourmecu.com
  Head Teller - Donna Silas E-Mail - donna.silas@yourmecu.com
  Teller - Chantel Wright
  Teller - Haley McBride
  Teller - Maria Van Erman

Additional Branches

Saraland BranchWest Mobile BranchDaphne Branch
Branch Manager - Tosheria Edney
E-Mail - tosheria.edney@yourmecu.com
Teller - Jennifer Diamond
Teller - Amanda Gatlin
Branch Manager - Dianne Satchfield
E-Mail - diane.satchfield@yourmecu.com
Teller - Cartez Drake
Teller - Chrissy Grady
Branch Manager - Shanon Wagner
E-Mail - shanon.wagner@yourmecu.com
Head Teller - Jennifer Moore
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